New Highlighter from Chanel: Perles et Fantaisies

Highlighter is one of those cosmetics, which are useful to every woman. Why? Because it will contour face, take care of skin and add glow. That is exactly what Perles et Fantaisies from Chanel is.

What makes Chanel Perles et Fantaisies highlighter stand out is its interesting texture. On the surface of the cosmetic were imprinted patters imitating string of pearls, which decorate characteristic logo of the brand. Product has black packaging equipped in a mirror. Inside, we will find two shades of highlighter: white and light pink. At first sight it may seem like those colours do not match at all. Nothing further from the truth! Blended together, those two shades create one perfect shade, which matches every skin type. We can of course use just one of them; it is not difficult to figure it out that pink colour will look much better.

Chanel Perles et Fantaisies highlighter has velvety and slightly shimmering texture. It provides subtle make-up finish. Thanks to this cosmetic skin looks radiant and fresh. How to use Chanel Perles et Fantaisies? With the angled brush with soft bristle blend two shades of the product together and apply on the cheek bones or directly under them. Remember, not to press applicators too forcefully against skin, because you may achieve unnatural effect, and in extreme cases you can damage epidermis, which can lead to skin irritations. Delicate skim of the brush is enough, so that your make-up was perfect. Chanel Perles et Fantaisies highlighter can be also applied on the eyelids. Cosmetic will optically make eyes bigger and provide them with original character. Both white and pink shade can be applied on the entire upper eyelids and in the inner corners of the eyes. You can administer product with a finger or a small brush. If you want your make-up to last longer then apply make-up base, eyeshadow base or mist.

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