Can eyelash turn grey? The best ways to counteract lash colour loss

With age eyelash speed growth decreases, lashes become weaker and definitely more prone to damages. But, is it typical for them to turn grey? And if so, is this process always connected with ageing? Here’s a handful of practical tips on what should be done in this situation.

It’s always quite a surprise when we notice the first grey hair on our head. It gets even greater when this grey hair is either an eyelash or an eyebrow. Frequently, we aren’t aware of the fact that eyelashes and eyebrows are built exactly in the same way as any other hair growing on our body, therefore, they can get grey with age, too. Although it happens rarely, the causes of this state may be different.

What does make lashes turn grey?

• Premature ageing of organism.
• Some diseases like albinism.
• Serious shortages of vitamins and microelements.
• Chronic and intense stress.
• Some chemical treatments given to eyelashes.

I have got grey eyelashes. What to do?

First and foremost: don’t panic! The grey colour of a hair doesn’t mean that the hair is dead. Discolouration though, is considered as an irreversible process. The good news is sometimes it happens that in the place of the fallen-out grey hair (you mustn’t pull lashes out yourself) grows an eyelash of normal, darker shade. This possibility gets even higher if we take care of eyelashes and condition them continuously. Fortunately, hair greying is an issue that can be coped with due to prevention by reinforcing the hair form the inside. There’s nothing to worry about when you notice one grey hair sticking out of the row of dark eyelashes. There are at least a few effective methods of hiding it.

Home methods dealing with grey eyelashe issue

1. MASCARA – the easiest method of hiding grey lashes is the use of a mascara. Usually, before leaving home, we define our eyelashes with dark coats. Thanks to this, no difference in eyelash colour should be spotted. However, it’s just a temporary solution.

2. EYELASH SERUM – if we have a little bit of time to spend, it’s worth reaching for a good eyelash serum which will do more than just strengthen and encourage eyelash growth. If composed in the right way, such product can regenerate eyelashes and darken the natural colour of eyelashes. However, there are two conditions to abide. Firstly, application of an eyelash serum must be carried out every day. Secondly, the chosen product must be good enough to cope with grey lashes. Lastly, you have to wait a few weeks to notice the effects. This anticipation pays off because the outcomes are long-lasting.

3. EYELASH TINTING – applying henna or other similar tint, which is certified for being safe for eyelash treatment, is a good solution if we care for immediate and lasting results. Although the tin will hide greyish shade of the lashes, the procedure has to be carried out again because the effect holds for a certain period of time only.