How to coat lashes with mascara the right way? Short eye make-up manual

Drugstores offer a bottomless number of various mascara sorts – sometimes it’s really hard to choose the most appropriate one. It’s worth realizing that even the best mascara won’t do much unless applied properly. The present manual reveals secrets of correct mascara use.

How to coat lashes with mascara the right way?

1. Mascara always as the last one
While doing make-up, it’s better to apply eye shadows and other powder products as the first ones to follow with the mascara as the last one. Thanks to this, we can be sure that neither the eye shadows nor the powder dust lashes so they remain perfectly black.

2. Clean mascara brush
Applicator that a particular tube of mascara features has to be made clean once or twice a week. This helps to prevent a mascara from drying out on the brush, which obviously leads to leaving these unsightly clumps on eyelashes at every make-up application.

3. Coating the tips of lashes
A useful trick that helps extend lashes and intensify the entire make-up is to coat just the eyelash tips. Thanks to this, eyelash length wins an extra extension.

4. Applying zigzag motion
It’s one of the best tricks concerning coating lashes. Thanks to moving a mascara brush from side to side, we obtain even coating, but that’s not all. Also, the lashes become perfectly separated as each of them, even the shortest one, isn’t left without being coated with the black cosmetic.

How to intensify the effect of extended, healthy lashes and strengthen mascara’s action?

Eyelashes coated with a mascara will look way better if you gift them with a beautifying-and-reinforcing treatment, which can be delivered thanks to application of an eyelash serum. Owning to the substances of intensive action combined with concentrated regenerative ingredients, an eyelash serum is able to improve appearance of lashes almost overnight, accelerate their growth and make them look way thicker. Moreover, a good eyelash serum contains an array of conditioning ingredients which are responsible for improving lashes condition. Furthermore, the best eyelash serum is the one which has a short list of ingredients and delivers effects swiftly. Thanks to such a product, you can enjoy having beautiful lashes already after two/three weeks of regular use. The time required to obtain such results is determined by the condition the eyelashes are at the beginning of the treatment. There is yet another positive aspect connected with using an eyelash serum worth mentioning. Application of this eyelash conditioning product lasts less than a few seconds only.