Retinol Secrets Explained. Ranking feat. Best Vitamin A Face Serums

If you’re here, you’re probably seeking the way to improve the skin. You desire to get rid of wrinkles, make the face smoother, delay the effects of aging or make acne disappear? While searching for remedies you’ve probably heard that vitamin A gives the best results. Looking for the most effective retinol? You’re in the right place. We will tell you why retinol makes the best antiaging treatment, explain the things that your beautician didn’t explain and suggest the best retinol-based products!


This is pure vitamin A whose effectiveness has been proven scientifically – this is one of the most thoroughly tested substances used for beauty purposes. Retinol is called a non-invasive face-rejuvenating leader. Vitamin A has a great effect on our skin. It perfectly and visibly restores the epidermis, improves the dermis, permanently rejuvenates, smoothes wrinkles and treats blemishes, incl. acne.


Retinol doesn’t work only on the skin’s surface but mostly in the dermis – the place where the key changes occur e.g. synthesis of collagen and elastin: supporting elements that keep the skin young. Retinol stimulates their synthesis and activates cell renewal so the skin doesn’t age prematurely. We sum up the effects in a few sentences below. The use of a quality retinol product (ideally serum) gives the following results:

  • Skin starts flaking to give the old cells away and reveal brand-new skin. Dead cells are replaced by new young cells.
  • Retinol penetrates the skin deeply and sparks the production of collagen and elastin which make up (fill in) the dermis and epidermis.
  • The level of melanin drops which equals face free from pigmentation marks and age spots.
  • Retinol causes the formation of new blood vessels; skin receives oxygen, wrinkles are filled in.
  • Retinol revives the skin so it fights acne breakouts (even in the case of adult acne).


  • smooth, radiant skin
  • living layer of the skin is improved (skin looks young and easily bounces back)
  • denser skin
  • no more pigmentation marks, age spots, post-acne spots
  • wrinkles are filled in, skin looks smooth and flawless again
  • … all effects are proven scientifically!

After a couple of weeks with retinol you will see the effect that all skin-care commercials promise to give you: smooth, revived skin as if you got a facial at the salon.


1. Retinol vs oxidation

Choose retinol products packaged in dark containers. The sunlight makes retinol oxidize so it is no longer as effective. That is why you should never use it during the day – it loses its power. At night, retinol doesn’t have contact with the sunlight, plus it ideally aids the skin repair which is the most intensive while we are asleep.

2. Retinol vs sunlight

It’s common belief that retinol causes spots when you expose the retinol-covered skin to the sunlight. This isn’t true because modern-day retinol products have the proper, safe concentration of vit. A. Plus, nowadays we all use SPF-rich moisturizers so we are safe from the unpleasant surprises. Still, it’s ideal to use it before sleep to avoid oxidation during the day. This way your skin is fully safe.

3. Retinol vs pregnancy

Only oral retinoids have the proven teratogenic effect (harm the baby). The skin-care products are different – even though they aren’t used by all pregnant women worldwide, there are some place e.g. RSA where moms-to-be reach out for them to treat stretch marks.

4. Retinol vs skin irritations

Red, itchy, very dry skin is a real contraindication and you shouldn’t use retinol on irritated skin. During the first weeks retinol tends to be quite invasive because it does away with old epidermis, which may make irritated skin way worse.




1 minute – this is the time that passes before next Nanoil Retinol bottle is sold

3% – this is the concentration of pro-retinol in the Nanoil formula

3 weeks – this is the period your skin needs to be revived

8 components – this is the number of ingredients in the Nanoil formula

50 ml/1.69oz – this is nearly twice as much as other available retinol products have

The best version of retinol serum made up of only essential components. It effectively and quickly improves the appearance of the skin, repairs and protects from irritation, regardless of the skin type. No more wrinkles or acne! Reviewers say this serum needs around 3 weeks to turn the skin around

The longer you use retinol, the better your skin gets. Nanoil gives the highest-quality retinol in a large bottle. The effect gets even better because it’s enriched with unique antioxidant – Boerhavia Diffusa Root Extract. The Nanoil Serum features few components and ensures great skin care. A big dark bottle holds an optimal dose of retinol – this is what speaks in favor of the Nanoil Retinol Serum and makes it receive the highest ratings.

More information:

2. SUNDAY RILEY A+ High-Dose Retinol Serum

6.5% – the concentration of stabilized (incl. plant-derived) retinoids

5% – the percentage of retinyl esters in the formula

1% – the percentage of retinol in liposomes

0.5% – the concentration of retinol-imitating blue algae

This face serum is dedicated to mature skin and contains plant extracts having similar effect to retinoids. The natural retinol-alternative extracts aid fighting against the signs of aging and improve the appearance of the skin. An ideal pick for sun-damaged skin after summer. The serum is enriched with Hawaiian White Honey, Bisabolol, Ginger Extract and Opuntia Ficus-indica Extract that balance, hydrate and soothe the skin, leaving it smooth and fresh.


1% – the concentration of retinol in the serum

0.5%  – the amount of Granactive Retinoid

30ml/1oz – the amount of the serum that the nice tube holds

The slow-release formula for any skin type. It is suitable for easily-irritated skin because it has a soothing effect. It also makes fine lines less noticeable. This serum aids the anti-acne treatment and is ideal for young skin. It boosts elasticity too. Squalane in the formula has an alleviating effect and balances the secretion of oil even in spot-prone, oily skin.


0.5% – the concentration of pure retinol in the serum

30ml/1oz – the amount of serum you receive

6 – the number of ingredients in this formula

The Ordinary Retinol 0.5% in Squalane is made up of vitamin A infused into squalane-rich jojoba oil so the serum balances the sebum secretion. This water-free solution smoothes fine lines, prevents dark spots and strengthens skin’s elasticity. Squalane and jojoba oil keep the epidermis hydrated while tomato extract alleviates sensitive skin and soothes irritations. The serum is great for oily and acne skin because it features rosemary leaf extract preventing inflammation and regulating the function of sebum glands.


5 – the number of oils in the formula

8 weeks – this is how long one bottle lasts

30ml/1oz – the amount of serum you get

This oil-serum intensively enhances the skin’s protective functions. It’s dedicated to aging skin that needs protection against the damaging effect of outside factors. The oils are combined with retinol which gently aids the skin. The serum comes in a light-colored glass bottle and must be used at night. The regular application of the Pixi Oil-Serum makes pores less visible and improves the skin tone. It has a long list of ingredients. Apart from oils and retinol it features ceramides and active peptides that make the skin better.