Charlotte – Marc Jacobs’ lipstick in honour of British princess

Princess Charlotte is all British favourite and at the beginning of May she will celebrate her first birthday. Just like every other event connected to the British Royal Family, also first birthday of princess Charlotte will be sumptuously celebrated by the entire Great Britain. No wonder that even the designers want to add something from themselves and (maybe) equally promote their brand on this occasion. Marc Jacobs just proposed his project.

As it tuns out nearly one year old British princess Charlotte became the muse to one of the most famous American designers. Just couple of day ago world famous New Yorker introduced his newest project – “Charlotte” lipstick, which was released specially for the first birthday of the princess. “Charlotte” lipstick is a part of Marc Jacobs’ Le Marc Lip Crème Collection.

Marc Jacobs’ “Charlotte” lipstick is an exclusive, cream lipstick in the rose pink shade, that at first sight does not connote to the Kate and prince William’s daughter. Catherine Gore, vice-president and CEO of the brand, explains that the “Charlotte” shade was “inspired by the deepest saturated pink tones of an English rose”. That explains a lot about the colouring. The lipstick suppose to remind of the Great Britain not only with princess’s name but also with the colour of roses from the Buckingham Palace’s gardens.

Marc Jacobs’ “Charlotte” colour sells for £24.00 on the Harrods website, which comes to around $34.50. For some people it may be a high price, but there are also people ready to pay the price without any bigger problem. This is no wonder, because British love the Royal Family and are ready to spend the last penny for e.g., clothes in which royal family members were seen.

The Charlotte can be bought exclusively in Harrods, famous Marc Jacobs Beauty merchant house in Britain. Anyone from abroad who wants to acquire the cosmetic can do that online, however, you need to remember that its price will significantly increase, because of the overseas shipment costs.

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