Botox home delivery – innovations in mobile cosmetic services

The truth is that more and more willing are we to use services offered by mobile beauty parlours. One of the reasons is that we do not want to waste time on getting to a beautician any longer. The saved time can be used in a more productive way, without the necessity of spending more money than previously. No wonder why mobile services are gaining their popularity since literally everything can be ordered via a smartphone… even Botox home delivery is now available!

Boomer is the innovative application for smartphones due to which we can order Botox session conducted at our home. Certainly, we do not have to inject the substance on our own – a specialist arrives at our place to do this for us. The author of this marvellous project is Valerie Goldburt who was inspired by the rinsing popularity of Uber (taxi ordering application). Will Boomer gain users? Goldburt believes that the interest will be high because the app was created in response to her patients’ needs.

How does Boomer work?

A person interested in Botox treatment has the possibility of selecting the most convenient day and time for a dermatologist appointment. We can choose Botox treatment of the particular face part, which are enumerated on the list. What is crucial, Boomer provides access to the offers of only trusted mobile beauty parlours. Currently, this ‘Botox app’ is available only in New York City, but we expect this idea of Botox home delivery will be imported to other countries fairly soon.

What are the advantages of Boomer?

Definitely, mobile Botox treatment is an innovative idea, perceived by some as wacky. However, it is highly possible that ‘Botox on demand’ will be widely welcomed by people who are supporters of this kind of anti-ageing treatment. Why? Because the greatest advantage of Boomer is the opportunity of choosing the most suitable day and time of the treatment to be undergone. We do not have to waste our precious time on communing to a specialist. Moreover, Goldburt emphasizes that the app enables the patients to have the treatment done in so-called safe environment (we are more relaxed at home), without ‘white scrub syndrome’.

What is the stumbling block of Boomer’s?

New York dermatologists and spokespersons of various consumer and pro-health associations warn that Botox, along with other injection therapies, should be conducted in a perfectly sterile medical environment, which can be difficult to obtain at home. The same people claim that Botox treatment is complicated, requires special environment and must not be performed by just any random person.

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