These top-rated keratin masks will leave you with fabulous hair!

Do you want to turn your fatigued hair into a voluminous and deeply nourished mane, but you don’t feel like visiting a hairdresser? The solution is closer than you think – reach for a keratin hair mask!

Since you allow a hair mask to sit longer on the strands than you do this with a conditioner, this means that the former has more time to give you the actual hair repair effect. Besides, keratin itself is an exceptional substance that strengthens and revives sad and lifeless hair like no other. Don’t wait any longer and see the best keratin hair mask for fabulous strands.

Qualities you should look for in a keratin hair mask

How will you know that a keratin hair mask you’re looking at is good for you? Firstly, it must be rich in keratin. If the concentration of this essential protein is too low, you can’t expect this product to give you the effects you count on most. Secondly, it’d be better if the mask didn’t contain any unnecessary fillers because in most cases they have a negative impact on keratin, making it less efficacious. To put it differently, try to find a product that is formulated with 2-3 ingredients responsible for leaving the hair conditioned and better-looking, rather than a few dozen that often have a negative effect on each other. Thirdly, big size and price that isn’t prohibitive are other highly desired qualities of your next keratin hair mask. Furthermore, it’s also suggested checking the reviews about a particular hair product to see if it has the capability to deliver the promised results, to find out how much time it needs to reverse damage in hair and if one package lasts long – these are the items of information only trustworthy reviews provide.

After taking all of the above-mentioned criteria into consideration, we managed to fish out 5 top-picked and most popular keratin hair masks. See them and find your next favorite hair product!

Keratin masks that will leave you with fabulous hair!

1. NANOIL Keratin Hair Mask

the best hair mask Nanoil Keratin Hair Mask

No doubt, this is currently the top-rated keratin hair mask. Positive reviews and opinions confirm that this Nanoil product is efficacious. The price is competitive and the results are quick. You can take it for granted that after just one use of Nanoil Keratin Hair Mask you will be astonished how better-looking and wonderfully smelling your hair is. It can’t be denied, Nanoil keratin hair mask is the best solution for damaged hair. Why?

This rich hair mask contains hydrolyzed keratin, and this form the precious protein is known for being capable of providing deep hair repair. Another important ingredient, which is panthenol, is one of the most important substances used in hair care for stronger, shinier, smoother and damage-resistant strands, but that isn’t all. Panthenol aids keratin reach deeper, filling up the damaged spots. Furthermore, this product keeps hair protected without weighing it down.

Repair your damaged strands within just a couple of weeks, bring them back to life and restore their beauty. One of the best things about Nanoil Keratin Hair Mask is the instant effect it delivers: it leaves hair smooth and lustrous, makes strands easy to comb after just one treatment. According to consumers, this is the only such keratin hair mask that gives so much in almost no time.

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2. PHYTO Phytokératine Extrême Exceptional

Despite being fairly expensive, Phytokératine Extrême Exceptional hair mask is one of consumer’s top choices. Why? Because of the effects it delivers. It works wonders, especially on over-processed, shine-deprived, dry and lifeless hair. However, the consumers know that they don’t have to spend as much to get these results, that’s why they often choose cheaper but equally effective solutions.

Coming back to the amazing effects, this hair mask wouldn’t be so potent if it wasn’t formulated with plant-based keratin and 18 amino acids. Interestingly, PHYTO Phytokératine Extrême Exceptional also includes shea butter and baobab oil, making the product pretty heavy, thus it may weigh fine and weak hair down. Undeniably, however, this keratin mask strengthens hair and boosts shine. It also protects hair ends against drying and splitting, and doesn’t irritate even sensitive scalp.

3. GOLDWELL Kerasilk Control, Intensive Smoothing Mask

This keratin hair mask seems to be designed to improve appearance and manageability of strands, rather than reverse damage. Customers like GOLDWELL Kerasilk Control, Intensive Smoothing Mask for smoothing out, taming unruly strands and dealing with frizz. Obviously, just like the products listed above, Intensive Smoothing Mask is destined for home treatments.

When it comes to the ingredients, this mask contains essential proteins, which is keratin, and liquid silk that is responsible for smoothing out and leaving hair easier to style. Although both the price and size of GOLDWELL Kerasilk Control, Intensive Smoothing Mask are questionable, there are customers who buy it because they like it for the effects.

4. L’ANZA Keratin, Healing Oil, Intensive Hair Masque

A hair mask that is very expensive and well-known among the professionals. It leaves hair better-looking after just one use, therefore hair stylists recommend using L’ANZA Keratin Healing Oil Intensive Hair Masque before a big night out. If you want to get glossy hair, reach for L’anza – you will save more money if you buy this product instead of getting the treatment done in a professional salon. Still, there are other cheaper keratin hair masks that can get you similar effects – stronger hair, even if extremely damaged.

What makes this product different from other keratin hair masks is the Phyto IV Complex, which is a blend of ingredients including plant extracts that have the capabilities to improve hair: abyssinian flower oil, acai oil, babassu butter, coffee bean oil and resveratrol (a potent antioxidant). When used regularly, this mask makes hair glossy and sleek. You can spread it either on dry or wet hair. However, be careful if your hair is thin because you may end up with limp strands.

5. KERASTASE Resistance Masque, Force Architecte

Costly, but still not as expensive as some of the hair masks listed above. Kerastase and its products, including Resistance Masque, Force Architecte keratin hair mask, are top-rated and recommended by hair salon owners. Customers like this product for offering a big amount of keratin and ceramides, both filling up the damaged spots along hair length.

This keratin hair mask is a good solution for those with damaged hair that needs some help and deep repair treatment. Obviously, you must be careful not to cause protein overload in hair, which leads to brittleness. To avoid this adverse effect, use Force Architecte hair mask only once a week. Even though this product’s size isn’t big, and it doesn’t last long, the consumers like the effects this keratin hair mask gives them.