Sanex Dermo – Gentle Skin Care Cosmetics

Safe and effective products for every skin type, that will ensure hydration and restore its health? That’s the offer of Sanex, the brand that for 30 years creates advanced formulas for products with ingredients identical as those, which are present in actual skin. Sanex Dermo are body care products created for complex protection of the stratum corneum. What does brand have to offer? How does Sanex products work?

Shower gels and antiperspirants for healthy skin

Sanex products main task is to support natural protective barrier of the skin. Healthy skin needs everyday care for it to keep appropriate condition. Sanex shower gel and antiperspirat are line of products for efficient skin care, thanks to safe formula. Composition of Sanex products is based mainly on non-chemical substances, which are naturally present in skin. The aim of using Sanex products is to ensure optimal functions of skin cells.

Deep moisturising

Sanex Dermo cosmetics are supposed to guarantee proper skin moisturising. Healthy skin needs to be hydrated, that is why Sanex cares for suitable level of water in the skin with natural hydration substances. Well chosen ingredients ensure that Sanex Dermo will keep water in the skin thanks to ability to attract its particles. This influences skin causing it to be softer and more flexible.

Acid–base homeostasis

Sanex products are also great way for providing skin with balanced pH. Skin is slightly acidic, so use of alkalin or neutral reaction, and even hard water can disrupt the acid–base homeostasis. Sanex Dermo shower gel is a product with a bit acid reaction on natural acidic level of skin, and its usage can restore natural pH.

Complex protection

Sanex Dermo formula provides skin with key nourishing ingredients, which ensure proper skin care and strengthen it. Sanex products were developed in a way so they co-operate with skin and increase its natural resistance to harmful factors, like bacteria and germs.

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