Anti-cellulite cosmetics with Chili Pepper by TianDe SPA Technology

Chili pepper is known as exceptionally spicy seasoning. It is also valued because of its healing and detoxifying features. Thanks to high concentration of capsaicin, cayenne pepper does not only work anti-inflammatory and narcotically but also it is considered as an effective additive facilitating crash diets. TianDe brand decided to take advantage of the beneficial features owned by chili pepper. As a result, we can treat our skin with SPA Technology collection named simply ‘Chili Pepper’.

SPA Technology collection is an answer to the growing demand for effective anti-cellulite cosmetics, which are composed out of natural plant extracts. TianDe is a series of anti-cellulite products with chili pepper, which do not only facilitate removal of unnecessary fatty cells but also work in a much more complex manner.

spa chiliAnti-cellulite cosmetics by TianDe with Chili Pepper:

  • accelerate fat and calories burning,
  • facilitate the oxidation of fat and carbohydrates,
  • limit growth of fatty cells,
  • increase efficiency of an organism,
  • stimulate blood circulation and lymphatic system,
  • decrease visibility of stretch marks,
  • tone skin,
  • suppress appetite.

It may seem to be impossible to obtain such complex manner of working only thanks to the natural seasoning. TianDe brand has proven that now it is feasible to spice up your body with chili pepper! SPA Technology ‘Chili Pepper’ is a collection of anti-cellulite cosmetics which action is provided by the power of chili pepper extracts, marine algae extracts and natural sea salt. TianDe offers three anti-cellulite products containing cayenne pepper: Chili Salt, Chili Cream and Abs Model Mask with Chili Pepper Extract. All the products contain natural oil extracted from chili peppers.

SPA Technology ‘Chili Pepper’ is a complex and, what is most important, completely natural anti-cellulite treatment. Its efficiency is guaranteed thanks to the properties of common seasoning full of precious capsaicin.

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