Barwy Harmonii – Rose Body Butter from BARWA

Undeniably wild rose is one of those ingredients, which have fixed place on bathroom shelves in various forms. Its scent you can like or not, but rose oils properties are definitively great – give medical support, remove fatigue and smoother skin.

Barwa wants to meet expectations of wild rose lovers with its new line of products Barwy Harmonii. For particular attention deserves rose butter for body care, which with its intense scent and great texture encourages us to buy it. Manufacturer wants us to cover our skin with aromatherapeutic fragrance of wild rose. ROSE butter has a form of subtle mousse, which – despite of very buttery texture – absorbs in no time, doesn’t leave oily skin, but makes skin silky smooth and moisturised.

What can we find in Barwy Harmonii composition?

It is worth to mention that rose butter from Barwy Harmonii is a product with a traditional recipe, though Barwa uses many new and modern technologies. Rose butter Barwy Harmonii ROSE contains wild rose extract enriched with sweet almonds, Shea butter and vitamin E. Cosmetic doesn’t consist of parabens, animal products or sensitises. Based on natural and delicate ingredients of Barwa butter formula meets expectations of people with sensitive skin and prone to dryness skin.

How does ROSE body butter from Barwa work?

Barwy Harmonii are mostly a line of deeply moisturising cosmetics, which job is to regenerate epidermis, protect it from harmful external factors and to smoother it. Moisturising effect of rose butter Barwy Harmonii is long lasting, so it is a perfect body butter for winter, freezing days, because it provides long lasting protection against dryness. Rose butter Barwy Hamonii ROSE is a complex answer to problem of people with dry skin, which needs immediate moisturise. Barwa created body butter, which right after application gives effect of soft, smoother and healthy skin.

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