Argan Oil – Miraculous cosmetic for everything?

There has been said plenty about the miraculous properties of Moroccan argan oil. In fact it is one of the most expensive vegetable oils, because it is obtained from Argania, which is under the protection and of which are necessary several dozen of nuts to produce 1l/33.8 oz of oil. However, do its properties are worth the price and all the fuss?

Basic cosmetic and medicinal properties of argan oil should not come as a surprise to anyone, because are characteristic to many other vegetable oils as well. Cosmetic argan oil has multidimensional conditioning properties confirmed by many studies.

  • NOURISHMENT – effectively delivers nourishing ingredients to skin, nails and hair;
  • MOISTURE – prevents dryness, limits water loss and controls its level;
  • OIL – provides right level of oil with no effect of greasy layer;
  • SOFTNESS – right level of hydration and nourishing ingredients results with softness;
  • SMOOTHER – guarantees delicate and silky smoothness;
  • REGENERATION – deeply regenerates cellular structure and damages;
  • ELASTICITY – provides skin with firmness, which allows to flatten wrinkles;
  • SOOTHING – helps calm and sooth irritations, pain and itching;
  • REJUVENATION – provides vitality and health to cells, thanks to other properties.

Argan oil perfectly deals with skin care, on which it has complex action:

  • removes dark circles around the eyes,
  • eliminates anaesthetic discolourations,
  • smoothers wrinkles and crow’s feet,
  • supports removal of acne,
  • prevents dryness and flaking,
  • regulates level of sebum secretion.

Similarly, argan oil has many properties on the skin of the whole body:

  • reduces stretch marks,
  • prevents cellulite
  • makes scars and varicose veins less visible,
  • eliminates problem of flaking epidermis.

Many women use argan oil also as a hair care cosmetic:

  • strengthens hair structure,
  • eliminates hair loss problem,
  • thickens and supports hair growth,
  • provides gloss and highlights colour.

Argan oil is a great product for strengthening and regeneration of nails. Provides recovery of nail plate, reduces fragility of nails, unifies the colour and stimulates growth.

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