New scent from Comme des Garçons: Grace by Grace Coddington

Grace Coddington – World’s famous model, fashion journalist and stylist. She owes her career in fashion world mostly to interesting beauty, red hair and pale skin. By the end of 50s she begun her career as a model, which in a matter of few years skyrocket. Today, at age of 75, Grace Coddington bids her position of Creative Director in American Vogue farewell. In spite of that, Coddigton does not slow down. In the last few years she published two biographical books and she just released perfumes signed with her name!

Grace Coddington for years looked for perfect scent for herself. As she has worked for many brands, she had lots of opportunities to draw fragrance inspirations. When she worked for Calvin Klein her number one was Eau de Toilette of this brand. A bit later, the kingdom of her favourite scent was taken over by Chanel No. 19, which later was overruled by rose aroma of Hermès. It seems like today her search for own style and leading scent is finished. Coddington just released her own perfumes.

Grace by Grace Coddington were created in co-operation with French brand Comme des Garçons. This fragrance soon will be available for sale, but its price is not yet known. It will certainly become sales hit, just like the two books, which this redheaded stylist released so far. Each investment of Grace Coddington turns into success. For this reason, though for now perfumes from Grace have not reached dragstore shelves yet, they already are expected to have great sales results.

Grace by Grace Coddington have original, as it befits an American icon, phial. The inspiration for this unique bottle were cats, which are favourite animals of the designer. The content of phial is equally appealing. Grace Comme des Garçons is a flowery perfumes for women. It combines note of peach blossom, which turns into fragrance of rose morocco to lastly cover you with aroma of white mask and ambergris.

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