How to take care of skin with discolouration after acne?

Which one of us wouldn’t want smooth and beautiful skin? Sadly, after sun discolourations, small wrinkles, residues after long sunbathe, inflammatory conditions and many more won’t allow it. Fortunately, modern aesthetic medicine, dermatology and cosmetology quickly deal with such imperfections.

Skin condition and its appearance depends on many factors. It can rely on genetic conditions, life style, methods of conditioning, diet, level of subjecting skin to harmful atmospheric and external conditions. What is more, along with age skin is more prone to discolourations. It is a result of weakening of skin structure, elasticity loss and worsening of collagen fibres condition. Another cause for pigmentation changes can be slower precess of epidermis renewal. Discolourations appear also because of overproduction of melanin – colourant responsible for skin complexion. It can be aftermath of long sunbaths, hormonal disorder or ingested oral contraceptive.

How should you take care of skin prone to discolourations? Highly important is use of right cosmetics. This relates mostly to at home skin care. Choose products with fruit extracts and with vitamins A and C. Those substances can regenerate, nourish and strengthen epidermis. Additionally, they lighten, cleanse, slower melanin production and protect against sun radiation. The most effective cosmetic is serum, i.e. product with high concentration of active ingredients. Beside fruit extracts, great properties have also ceramides. Those substances strengthen collagen fibres and deeply moisture skin.

You can get rid of discolourations also at the beauty parlour. Try microdermabrasion (mechanical removal of dead skin cells), chemical peels (exfoliation of dead skin cells) and lasers. Visible results are usually achieved after few treatments. Preventive measures are of great importance. During the day, protect skin with creams with sun filter. Enough protection provide products with SPF 50. Cosmetics of this sort can be used under make-up.

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