Check Out Our Ranking Of The Most Popular Brow Serums. OUR TOP 5

Do not neglect brow care! It’s a crucial step in order to enhance the beautiful colour of your eyes and soften your facial features. A good brow serum will help you hydrate and regenerate eyebrow hairs as well as boost hair growth.

A good brow serum – what is it like?

An effective brow care conditioner should consist of ingredients that strengthen, moisturize and nourish the delicate skin around the eyes. The most common picks are a rich source of valuable substances, vitamins and minerals that reinforce hair from roots to ends. Remember to always get familiar with the ingredients list and choose the product that suits your needs. Not all eyebrow enhancers are good for every skin type.

How to grow thicker eyebrows? 

An effective way to grow thicker eyebrows is using a hair growth serum. Make sure to pick one that’s enriched with nourishing substances, vitamins and minerals. They act at the root of the problem and fill in gaps to get rid of unaesthetic sparse areas. Choose the lash serum that meets your skin’s needs and won’t cause any unwanted reactions. What’s more, remember not to over-pluck your arches and let them grow out.

How to choose the best eyebrow serum? Use our ranking to allay any of your doubts.

Brow serums recommended by thousands of women – TOP 5


best brow growth conditioner

Price: attractive when you consider its quality

Effectiveness: speeds up hair growth, regenerates, nourished, moisturizes and protects against damage

Formula: natural ingredients of the highest quality; no harmful substances

This eyebrow serum is the most popular choice among women all over the world. It’s no wonder as it delivers marvellous effects within just 30 days of use. The product thickens and conditions even very demanding eyebrows, filling sparse areas and imperfections. The Nanobrow’s serum leaves hairs more supple, darker and nourished, especially if they’re damaged with improper plucking, waxing or treatments and procedures. The product enhances your real hidden beauty and provides the vividness you have always dreamed about. Hairs will be doubled in density and… just spectacular. With time, they’ll stop falling out and start growing much faster. Your eyebrow arch will have a natural glow and the perfect shape. Nanobrow Eyebrow Serum is loved by happy consumers – join them!


Price: inadequate to the quality

Effectiveness: strengthens long-term and takes care of eyebrows, rebuilds damaged hairs

Formula: numerous plant extracts

This product is great for every woman who wishes to have thick, dark eyebrows. They will finally be fuller, stronger and more beautiful. The specially-developed formula stimulates natural hair growth. The composition includes the ingredients used in RevitaLash, however, they were empowered by plant extracts from ginseng, honeysuckle, green tea, calendula, sabal palm, and wheat. This brow serum shields eyebrow hairs against ageing processes and reconstructs patchy, weak arches full of irregularities. The product is equipped with a handy applicator which is handy and simple for everyday use.


Price: average, adequate to the quality

Effectiveness: protects eyebrows from hair loss, leaves them supple and soft

Formula: conditioning and safe ingredients 

An extremely effective brow serum. It is a frequent choice of female consumers. It makes the brows thicker and stronger and improves their condition and texture. All you need to do is apply it twice a day on cleansed skin. The look of your arches is sure to improve only after 2 months. The composition includes polypeptides that protect from hair loss, sweet almond extract that visibly thickens eyebrows or keratin which softens and smooths hair, taking care of maintaining the proper hydration levels. All these substances smooth, nurture and regenerate eyebrows. They will become supple, shiny and stronger in just 60 days. This protecting and nourishing serum prevents hair loss and its formula ensures a healthier look.


Price: excessive when you consider the quality

Effectiveness: hydrates, nurtures and strengthens entire arches

Formula: nourishing far-eastern plant ingredients

A lash and brow serum that stimulates hair growth as well as leaves eyebrows stronger and fuller. Its composition consists of far-eastern plant extracts full of strengthening vitamins, minerals and amino acids. The product’s formula acts at the root of the problem. Use the serum once a day on cleansed skin. You will able to notice a significant difference in your appearance after about 3-4 weeks and get the expected results after 12-16 weeks of treatment. This brow conditioner protects and regenerates patchy, weak, prone-to-hair-loss eyebrows. It has thickening properties – everything to enhance your beautiful eyebrows.


Price: definitely unreasonable for the quality you get

Effectiveness: prevents hair loss, fills sparse areas and adds glow

Formula: a natural formula free of irritants

A well-known brow serum that has a wide circle of supporters. It was created for everyone who has fragile, thin hairs and dreams of full, thick and bold arches. After 4-8 weeks of use, the condition of your eyebrows will definitely improve. They will be dark, strong and thick – the way you’ve always desired. This brow enhancer has been composed of the highest-quality ingredients, i.e. active peptides that stimulate hair growth and care for their appearance, hyaluronic acid that adds glow, nourishes and conditions hairs as well as plant extracts which promote the growth of new hairs. This brow serum definitely works!

Have you already chosen your favourite brow serum? If you’re still hesitating, analyze our ranking once again. Remember that a good brow serum is capable to transform your look completely. Thick, groomed eyebrows are not only a frame for your eyes but for the rest if your face as well. Go for an eyebrow serum, an effective way for beautiful eyebrows.

How to take care for your eyebrows?

  1. Trim the excess hair to maintain the desired eyebrow shape.
  2. Make sure your arches are clean and apply a brow serum every day.
  3. Avoid using too many brow styling products so you don’t damage the follicles.
  4. Use the right brow care routine that suits your needs.
  5. Remember that eyebrows are an integral part of your face so their shape and colour  have a huge impact on how you look.