Oiling hair – What oil suits you best?

Your hair loves natural oils.

One, appropriately chosen oil can work wonders, better than thousands of conditioners.

Appropriately chosen oil…what exactly does it mean?

Long story short – the oil must match your hair type just like two pieces of a puzzle must go together.

Hence, its particles penetrate deeply into the interior of the hair passing through scales on the stem. Additionally, particles must have a suitable size so that they can penetrate between the raised cuticles.

Therefore, both hair and oils, we can divide into three groups:

1. Low porosity hair – like penetrating oils with small particles.

This type include hair:

  • That dry long
  • That are resistant to styling
  • That are smooth and soft to the touch
  • That quickly lose volume, because it is heavy

2. Medium porosity hair like semi-penetrating oils with medium particles.

This type includes hair:

  • That dry moderately long
  • That are not resistant to styling, but sometimes problematic
  • That do not lose its volume
  • Where from time to time you see split or slightly dry ends

3. High porosity hair – prefers non-penetrating oils with large particles.

This type includes hair:

  • that dry quickly (just an hour or two)
  • that does not cause troubles with styling
  • that have the tendency to frizz
  • that are very susceptible to styling
  • that are dry with rough ends, often strongly split

All things considered, we may conclude that high porosity hair (sometimes extremely dry and fragile) requires the most intense and careful treatment. However, when it comes to medium porosity hair – inappropriate care can cause more damages. What is more, you must keep in mind that healthy-looking hair at the roots (low or medium porosity) can have dry and split ends (of high porosity). Therefore, you must choose two oils – both matched to different parts and needs of your hair.

What oils in particular we should choose to match each hair porosity?

  1. LOW POROSITY HAIR – will like the coconut oil, babassu and palm oil.
  2. MEDIUM POROSITY HAIR– will like the almond oil, macadamia nuts, flaxseed, sesame, peach kernel and argan oil
  3. HIGH POROSITY HAIR– will like the black cumin oil, safflower oil, evening primrose oil, martyrs, grapes, sunflower, corn, moringa and avocado oil.

What is left worth mentioning, is the key issue: how to properly conduct hair oiling treatment.

It is a very easy care procedure. Once you find your ideal oil, apply it on your hair, focusing on the scalp, One tablespoon will be more than enough. Then, wrap your hair in warm towel or a shower cap to keep the heat inside. This will allow the oil to provide much better results. Next, wait at least an hour (the longer we leave it in, the better). After the desired period of time, wash it off with a gentle shampoo. All done!

For better results it is advisable to do the treatment at least 1 – 3 times per week. In addition, you might leave the oil overnight and wash it off in the morning. It is all a mater of your personal choice. When dosing the product remember that more does not always mean better. Do not let your hair soak with oil. Vary the amount depending on your hair length.

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