Exceptional DermaSPA line from DOVE

Dove DermaSPA can be described as a new dimension of skin care luxury. Luxurious, yet dedicated for spectacular effects of conditioning that can be achieved at home. Cosmetics from this line were introduced recently, and they already steal hearts of women. Why?

We should start from terminology. Derma means skin and the domain of medicine, which treats skin. SPA, on the other hand, is a short cut for Latin sanu per aquam, and it means “health through water”. Nowadays, it is usually used in its short form to describe wide gamut of cosmetic treatments, which are intended to improve skin condition. Dove DermaSPA is a combination of skin care straight from beauty parlours and researches on health and skin care. Thanks to commitment of dermatologists, cosmetologists and SPA specialists it was possible to develop technologically advanced cosmetics DermaSPA, which were launched in five lines. More on that below.

Dove DermaSpa Goodness3

With use of unique combination of nourishing ingredients – omega essential fatty acids, sea buckthorn oil and Cell-MoisturisersTM technology – this exceptional cosmetic line DermaSPA in a complex way influences skin providing triple beautification: radiant look, velvety smoother and softening.

Dove DermaSpa Uplifted+

Use of Cell-MoisturisersTM technology with addition of sateen gel makes this cosmetic provide moisture, tone up and elasticity. This proposition out of DermaSPA line has light consistency, so it absorbs easily and leaves skin more elastic after first massage.

Dove DermaSpa Youthful Vitality

Youthful Vitality from Dove DermaSPA is a complex skin care of mature skin, which with passing time looses elasticity and is dry. Products were enriched with advanced moisturising formula to restore skin flexibility and young glow.

Dove DermaSpa Intensive

Intensive regeneration with Derma SPA is within your reach. Specially developed complex of moisturising and nourishing ingredients makes skin healthier, better hydrated and deprived of dryness discomfort.

Dove DermaSpa Summer Revived

Unique formula of balms with Cell-MoisturisersTM technology, enriched with self-tanning ingredients, gives effect of naturally radiant, sunny and beautiful tanned skin without necessity of exposure to harmful sun radiation.

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