How to take care of skin and hair? The Renewal Oil by La Mer

The Renewal Oil by La Mer is recommended to all skin and hair types. It has moisturizing, regenerating, protecting, firming and rejuvenating features. If applied regularly, it smooths fine lines, highlights discolorations and softens protrusions and small wounds. Skin becomes healthier, prettier and definitely more radiant. It moisturizes and regenerates skin once applied right after bathing. Additionally, The Renewal Oil can be used for hair care. It prevents frizz and split ends. The cosmetic can be applied either to ends only or to the length of hair. It is important to dosage the product appropriately. Otherwise, scalp and hair may get too greasy.

The best about The Renewal Oil by La Mer is its consistency and composition. The oil is a dual-phase cosmetic, which means, it consists of water phase and oil phase. What is important, the presence of the first phase does not interfere with action of the oil – it does not change oil’s effectiveness. All which has to be borne in mind is mixing the phases before every use (suffice to shake the bottle a few times). The Renewal Oil contains eucalyptus and sesame oils, which take care of both skin and hair equally.

The Renewal Oil by La Mer is closed in a 30 ml bottle closed with a silver cap. The applicator has a form of a pipette. Although some women might find this kind of applicator useful, others might get discouraged right after the very first application especially when greater amount of the cosmetic is required to coat all hair. Luckily enough, the second group of women might be delighted with the fact that the product can be also poured directly on palm of the hand. In other words, there is no need in using the pipette. A single application of the oil requires dosing five drops of the product. Then the product has to be put on central part of face, and then distributed towards outer parts. The similar manner of application involve neck. At the end of this home care treatment, the oil has to be massaged (round movements) into temples.

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