Trends 2016 – Jeans is Back

People who at least a bit follow fashion of passing years will know how changeable can trends be. More clever one think that fashion comes back over and over again. You shouldn’t throw out what was fashionable last season, because the next year it can take by storm all the catwalks once more. In the upcoming spring season the denim is back!

Of course, almost every season is good for denim, because it is hard for it to go out in to the oblivion. However, it is usually used as an accessory, and sometimes – just like in the upcoming season – it dominates the stylisation. In the spring season of this year denim comes back in almost every form – trousers, shorts, tunics, shirts, skirts and even dresses. You can say that in spring 2016 all denim is allowed.

What sort of jeans for upcoming season?

Denim trousers are an obligatory element of every wardrobe. They come handy in many stylisations and we can choose out of plenty of models. In the last season, the top trend were tight jeans with elastic fibres, narrowing downwards, so-called skinny. This spring we leave those behind and put on loose jeans, that won’t stretch. Very fashionable are trousers with straight legs and jeans in boyfriend style, but without so many holes in them. Spring 2016 is about more stylish edition of jeans and more elegant than what we could observe on the last year catwalks. Still trendy remain vintage jeans and mom type jeans – with higher waist, wider hips and legs narrowing downwards.

What else besides long jeans?

Everything denim, but with proper cut. Their big come back have denim dungarees with sandals, wedge heels or high heels set together with cotton T-shirt – this is a mandatory stylisation this spring. Shorts should have higher waist to highlight waistline. The same states for denim skirts, which should take over streets this year – necessarily with high waist and in all the lengths. The most popular are expected to be those in trapezium cut like in 70s. You should supply your wardrobe with at least one denim shirt with short or long sleeves, denim trench coat or jacket. In this case configuration and cut is limited only by your imagination.

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