Power of Vitamin C in Dr Brandt Power Dose C

Cosmetics from Dr Brandt are obligatory for women with mature skin. Why? Because those products are great in dealing with signs of passing time, like wrinkles, discolourations or loose skin. If those are imperfection you suffer from then you have to try Power Dose C, serum with vitamin C from Dr Brandt.

Concentration of vitamin C in Power Dose C reaches 20%; that is a lot. People who care about young appearance and smooth skin of face, neck and cleavage should supply their cosmetic bags with Dr Brandt’s products right away. Such content of vitamin C is enough to condition skin. What results can you expect after treatment with Power Dose C? Most of all, you need to know that vitamin C has lightening, cleansing and strengthening properties. As an ingredient in this cosmetic, it activates collagen production, provides skin with fresh look, protects it against free radicals and improves skin complexion. And what are properties of Power Dose C from Dr Brandt? This cosmetic additionally smoothers wrinkles, helps preserve face oval, eliminates discolourations and dark circles around the eyes. What is more, it cleanses pores, removes dead skin cells and prepares the skin for following care. Serum used twice a day can refresh and ensure skin with radiant look.

How should you use Dr Brandt Power Dose C? Mix four or five drops of serum with your favourite moisturising cream, then apply it on face, neck and cleavage. Cosmetic can be used in the morning and in the evening. Although, there are few important rules you have to remember about during treatment with Power Dose C. Before application remove make-up and make sure your skin is clean and dry. During the day use skin creams with sun filter – vitamin C can cause irritation with people who have sensitive skin. Packaging of Dr Brandt product was equipped with quite handy pipette, that will help you with its application.

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