Semilac for Valentine’s Day: red nail polishes

Valentine’s Day just around the corner. Present for him is not the only thing you should think about. You will also need some red touch in a guise of the dress, lipstick or nail polish. Semilac prepared some special nail polishes just for Valentine’s Day.

Among Semilac nail polishes we will find several shades of red. We can choose out of vivid tones, burgundy, dark red, with brocade or without it. Out of the prettiest and more popular we can enumerate are: Intense Red, Red Carpet, Glitter Red, Dirty Red, My Love, Deep Red, Pearl Red Classic Wine, Elegant Cherry, Burgundy Wine, Tutti Frutti.

Semilac’s nail polishes have great gloss and deep colours. They precisely cover nail plate, don’t chip or tear off. They are locked in the black bottles, and we may consider it as their only drawback. You never know when the product will end, so you do not know if to even start manicure, because it may not be enough for another layer. Red nail polishes from Semilac have standard brushes – small with pretty big top, which sometimes is hard to grip. Besides that, Semilac polishes are efficient and do not thicken – if they are properly stored.

There are few other Semilac products, which deserve are attention. Those will be: base and top coat in one, vitamin base and Top No Wipe top coat. First of them is a base nail polish on which we apply chosen colour. It protects nail plate from dryness and discolourations while preventing brittle nails. What is more, it contains vitamins E and B5. Very similar impact has vitamin base, which simultaneously protects colour and nail plate. Top No Wipe gives gloss and protects manicure.

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