What are good eyebrow makeup products? Meet the multi-purpose Nanobrow Eyebrow Powder Kit!

ooking for a way to create simple but stylish brow makeup? Don’t know which brow styling product to use? The new, multi-purpose Nanobrow Eyebrow Powder Kit comes to the rescue!

What are good eyebrow products?

The answer to this question depends on the effect you wish to create. Nowadays, the trend is to shape your eyebrows so they suit your face, not make them dark and that they don’t have to be perfectly sculpted. It’s important to feel comfortable in your makeup.

For a few seasons now, naturally bushy and nonchalant eyebrows are in style as they make you look younger and your face refreshed. To achieve that look, eyebrow powders are the best choice – they are subtle, and delicate for the skin while the process is quick and simple. There is a reason why it is the most popular choice among women.

Which eyebrow powders to choose? Good products should be in a colour most similar to your hair and match your beauty type (cool/warm). It’s very important that the powders are intensely pigmented and easy to use, provide a natural look and last all day long.

Nanobrow Eyebrow Powder Kit with a highlighter – product description

Powders in Nanobrow Eyebrow Powder Kit work great in everyday eyebrow styling as well as in makeup for special occasions. You can combine the shades in order to get a unique colour that suits you perfectly. This way, you will achieve an incredible look of natural, full arches while the satin highlighter becomes the cherry on top.

✔ The powders have a creamy consistency that doesn’t leave any residue on your cheeks.

✔ The set contains 2 powders for eyebrows, a 2in1 applicator (a slanted brush and a sponge), a multi-purpose highlighter and a sturdy case.

Rich pigments let you build up the colour intensity, and create depth and an ombre effect that lasts all day long. 

✔ Draw extra hairs with the mini-brush, fill in sparse areas and create beautiful eyebrow makeup that you feel comfortable in.

Nanobrow Eyebrow Powder Kit – components

Avocado oil – boosts the shine, and leaves hair softer and glossy.

Sunflower seed oil – helps maintain hair suppleness, improves its structure, prevents breakage, strengthens and protects against dryness.

Aloe vera extract – a rich source of A, B, C and E vitamins which help keep eyebrows and delicate skin in good condition.

Vitamin E – increases the proper hydration level of skin and hair, preventing dryness.

Squalane – a natural emollient with anti-inflammatory, soothing and hydrating properties than improve the condition of your skin.

Eyebrow makeup with powders – how to do it?

You’re probably wondering how to do eyebrow makeup with powders so they look natural. Here are a few tips that will make this task easy for you.

– Choose the right shade that matches your natural hair colour.

– The Nanobrow powders come in 3 colour variants: Light, Medium, Dark.

– It’s best to use a slanted, precise brush for eyebrow makeup. The Nanobrow palette is equipped with a profiled mini-brush with a sponge on the other side. With its help, you can quickly add extra single hairs as well as fill in and darker your arches.

– Dab a small amount of the product onto the brush and define the lower and upper edges.

– Fill in the areas with gaps and patches to get an even, natural look. You can also use a brow brush to comb out the excess powder and correct the shape.

eyebrow shadows in makeup

– Keep in mind that practice makes perfect so if you’re not confident with your skills, start with delicate makeup and build up the colour intensity slowly to get the desired effect.

– You can fix the whole look with a clear eyebrow gel or brow mascara so your hairs stay in place all day long.

– In the end, add a bit of the highlighter under your brow bone to brighten and lift your arches and enhance their shape.

Brow care at home

Eyebrow care is as important as makeup so take proper care of your arches so they’re healthy. strong and thick. Avoid excessive tweezing so it doesn’t cause even more sparse areas. You can use an oil, for example, castor oil which moisturizes and makes hair supple and more prone to styling. It’s also good to go for a brow serum that will strengthen and thicken your eyebrows additionally. Try to avoid rubbing your eyebrows in a harsh way with cotton pads during makeup removal as it might weaken and damage them. Choose brow makeup products with proven compositions.

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