Best Lash Enhancer. Does Eyelash Growth Serum Make a Good Pick?

Your lashes look barely-there, you want to enhance them and you’ve heard that an eyelash serum is the best remedy. At the same time you have your doubts. Is the serum going to work? Will it be just a waste of money? Let us tell you how to choose the best eyelash serum and what else you can do to keep the lashes strong, long and lovely.

What causes damage to lashes?

So tiny and so bothersome! We all love the effect of darker, fuller lashes and enhanced eyes after using a mascara. Lovely lashes surely add to attractiveness. Too bad we often struggle to take control of them: they fall out excessively and are extremely short and sparse.

We can’t always blame the genes. The bad condition of lashes may flow from improper daily care (or lack of it) or a mascara filled up with dehydrating synthetic substances. It happens that eyelashes are thin because of stress or unhealthy diet. The way of taking makeup off matters as well. Thankfully, even the most damaged lashes can be fixed with an eyelash growth serum. Have you ever tried one?

Eyelash Serum: a way to get healthy, breathtaking lashes

Many women don’t even realize the potential of their own eyelashes. An eyelash serum is able to activate their growth, make them thicker and stronger. It makes the lashes show full potential so they become even twice longer and a few times thicker! Getting a quality eyelash serum and using it regularly is all it takes.

What effect does an eyelash serum give?


Eyelash Serum. Dare to stun with super-long, stunning lashes!

Still having doubts? We are going to clear them up. See top petty reasons why women don’t want to use eyelash serums:

“I don’t believe serums do what they are marketed to do”

Read user reviews to see how eyelash serums work. The effects are possible thanks to the ability of lashes to grow quickly and intensively. The serum stimulates the follicles to work. Consequently, lashes are strong and they are stimulated to grow all the time.

“I once used it but I’m not systematic, it’s not for me”

Just one minute a day in the PM is enough to get flawless, full-looking, long lashes. Regularity pays off!

“Serums are pricey, I’m not sure if it pays off”

The price of eyelash serums flows from their components and content of active ingredients that spark the lash growth. Also, you don’t need to pick the most expensive eyelash serum on the market. There are affordable products that last long and you can carry out the treatment for over six months.

What else can you do to keep the lashes healthy?

  • Use a quality mascara, ideally enriched with lash-conditioning components. Currently there are some innovative mascaras that feature the best ingredients so you get flawless makeup and intensely-enhancing effect on lashes.
  • Both removers and the way of removing makeup matter. Use gentle makeup removers that hold some lash- and skin-conditioning substances (e.g. cornflower extract), and never rub the eyes while taking makeup off (if you do you are likely to pull lashes out).

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