Custom-made set: Eternity by Calvin Klein

It is widely known that a good set of cosmetics can make any woman happy. Even bigger happiness can be achieved when cosmetics are made by someone as famous as Calvin Klein – one of top fashion designers. This time Calvin Klein designed two new products based on flowery fragrance, which are perfumes and shower gel. The set’s main fragrance motive is Eternity perfumes. Contained in them flowery scents are mainly: citrus, mandarin and sage and we can smell them as first but they’re disappearing right after applying. Lily, pink, violet, jasmine, lily of the valley, rose and narcissus will speak to your heart and they remain on your skin a little bit longer. However, the most important scents in Eternity fragrance by Calvin Klein are: sandal tree, patchouli, musk and rosin. They are the base of the product and stay on our skin the longest. It is worth to know on which parts of the body apply the perfume for long-lasting scent, and that would be: wrists, skin behind our ears, between collarbones and breasts, bends of arms and legs.

What cosmetics will we find in the Eternity set by Calvin Klein?

Those are of course perfumes and shower gel under the same name. In some of the bigger chemist’s stores and perfumeries are also available sets with body lotion. Which product we will chose depends only on our needs and preferences. Nonetheless, we will be happy with our choice. How does perfume work needn’t to be explained to anyone. We use them mainly to draw some attention form opposite sex. What about shower gel and body lotion? First we use them for cleanse, refreshment and relaxation after long day at work. Cosmetic softens, moisturise and leave our skin smooth in touch. Thanks to those cosmetics body will be even smoother and swathe with flowery scent.

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