Estee Lauder – New Dimension

Estee Lauder prepared something special for women who care about their beauty – new line of cosmetics New Dimension. Products from this line ensure complex nourishment of face, neck, cleavage, eyes area and lips skin. See if it is something for you too.

Among the New Dimension line from Estee Lauder we’ll find: serum and balm in one Plump + Fill Expert Lip Treatment, cream Tighten +Tone Neck/Chest Treatment, eye cream Firm +Fill Eye System, moisturising cosmetic Tighten +Tone Expert Liquid Tape and Shape +Fill Expert Serum. All products have anti-wrinkles, tone up and moisturising properties. In shop you’ll recognise them over blue packaging.

Lip balm and serum Plump + Fill Expert Lip Treatment ensures young and beautiful look of lips. Protects and moisturises lip skin, while preventing wrinkles, dry skin and angular cheilitis. Applied in the morning and in the evening outlines lip contour and protects lips from drying and flaking. How to use Plump + Fill Expert Lip Treatment? Cosmetic resembles lipstick and lip gloss in one. With a brush outline the lip contour and then tap serum in with finger tips. Next cover an entire lips with the serum – it looks exactly the same as in lip make-up.

Tighten +Tone Neck/Chest Treatment cream is designed for nourishment of neck and cleavage skin. It tones up, highlights and moisturises skin. Additionally special formula equalises complexion and improves skin appearance in mentioned body parts. To the jar is attached massage device, which makes easier distribution and absorption of the cosmetic. Application of Tighten +Tone Neck/Chest Treatment we start in the middle of the chest and then move massage device in the direction of chin, ears and collarbone. Perform V motion and gather excess cream with a tissue.

Firm +Fill Eye System eye cream smoothers and tones up eye area. What is more, cosmetic reduces dark circles around the eyes and puffiness, flattens wrinkles and highlights skin. Cream has light gel consistency, so it distributes easily on skin and absorbs fast. It contains highlighting particles, which optically make eyes bigger and make look full of glow. Product has 10 ml jar.

Moisturising cream Tighten +Tone Expert Liquid Tape has toning and lifting properties. It lifts skin in the face areas where its the most liable on collagen loss and dropping. Product nourishes cheek bones, nose, lips and eye area skin. Cream should be applied in the morning and in the evening on the cleansed face skin. Application concerns tapping product with finger nail with simultaneous massage.

Last cosmetic from New Dimension line from Estee Lauder is Shape +Fill Expert Serum. Cosmetic has three dimensional working. Firstly, fills and flattens wrinkles and improves skin volume. Secondly, helps restore right skin properties, models face oval and strengthens collagen fibres. Thirdly, provides face with radiant look, so you could feel young and beautiful.

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