Farmona Herbal Care – Cream with Black Orchid

This years newest spring nourishment from Farmona Herbal Care is a strengthening face cream with black orchid for couperose skin. It indicates strengthening, regenerating and soothing properties, thanks to 91% of active ingredients focused on skin. Does Black Orchid strengthening day and night cream for couperose skin is effective?


Black Orchid strengthening cream from Herbal Care is a cosmetic dedicated for skin care of face. It is recommended for people, whose greatest issue is couperose and sensitive skin prone to irritations and unaesthetic skin changes. There is no age limitation.

Active ingredients:

Face cream with black orchid from Farmona Herbal Care has a base of five natural nourishing ingredients. Specially developed recipe of active ingredients, which are 91% of cosmetic, efficiently improve skin condition and appearance. It should be mentioned that cream with orchid from Farmona does not consist of neither parabens, BHA, ethanol, paraffin oil nor any artificial colourants.

  • Black-OrchidBlack Orchid extract – highlights skin, soothes irritations and has anti-inflammatory properties;
  • Calm Complex – supports blood vessels, strengthens them and tightens their walls;
  • Perilla oil – indicates strong antioxidant, regenerative and soothing properties;
  • Sweet almond oil – nourishes skin with vitamin A and E, rejuvenates and protects it;
  • Inutec – moisturises and protects skin against irritations.

How does it work:

Farmona Herbal Care Black Orchid face cream is a very effective cosmetic for couperose skin. Its properties are based mainly on elimination of redness and limitation of visibility of blood vessels. It is possible thanks to highlighting properties of black orchid and complex of ingredients that tighten and elasticate blood vessels. Active ingredients of black orchid cream also sooth, eliminate inflammations, moisturise and regenerate skin.

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