Juicy summer with Bath & Body Works (cosmetic novelties)

Warm sand, sea water and light, refreshing scent of your favourite perfumes near you. That is how many women imagine their dream vacation. You can welcome summer season today. It all thanks to the newest scent collection from Bath & Body Works. See what hides new lines Pretty as Peach, Sparkling Limoncello and Ciao, Italy!

Sparkling Limoncello from Bath & Body Works

Along with rising temperature you switch to spring, light and fresh scents. Is there anything fresher than citrus? No there isn’t, and Bath & Body Works knows it well. For this reason, one of three new lines they’ve launched have juicy lemon note with sweet orange blossom, refreshing mint, fresh vervain and oriental cedar tree straight from Italian province. Sparkling Limoncello line includes mostly creams, gels, balms and body mists. In offer are also foam soaps and fragrances for home.

Ciao, Italy! from Bath & Body Works

Summer afternoons and evenings are associated with pleasurable rest over some water, best on the Italian shore. Sadly, not always it can become true, but Bath & Body wants to offer you travel to the sunny Sicilian beaches with their scents. Intense fruity fragrances in Ciao, Italy! line combine aromatic citrus with note of sea breeze, true vanilla and fresh flowers. Wide gamut of products in this line, doesn’t limit to butters and body balms, but also contains refreshing body mists. Available are also fragrances for home, which will make interior gain climate of Italian summer.

Pretty as a Peach from Bath & Body Works

Not everyone prefers citrus refreshment in summer days. The alternative for citrus are sweet and juicy fragrances of fruits, such as peach. Pretty as Peach is a third out of newest propositions from Bath & Body Works. How does it smell? It is a combination of peach with perfect composition of jasmine, apple, nectarine and freesia. Thanks to Pretty as Peach cosmetics you can bloom once again. Among many you can find creams, body balms, gels and scrubs for everyday skin care, but also light body mists with delicate scent.

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