Lashcode – a mascara that will surprise you!

The most important beauty invention of the 20th century was mascara, a formula that does not need to be diluted with water. Today we have higher expectations when it comes to mascaras. Even though it would seem that nothing can surprise us in make-up, suddenly Lashcode appeared.

This is the first well-composed mascara that will make your everyday make-up easier and more effective regardless of your skills and time spent!

Why Lashcode?

The aim was to create a cosmetic that proves that make-up can be simple, easy and comfortable. We just have to discover the code for our beauty. That’s the right key to the world of perfect make-up. However, the individual attitude and specified needs of every woman are necessary, regardless of the condition of the eyelashes. And this is what Lashcode offers.

Multifunctional mascara

This is a product that appeals to everyone. Is it even possible? Some people are sceptical about universal products, but Lashcode is a great example that good mascara can have many functions, because it:

  • lengthens,
  • curls,
  • thickens,
  • darkens,
  • nourishes,
  • adds volume.

The secret of Lashcode

What makes Lashcode so amazing? Its success depends on two things: the formula and the brush. Only the synergy of the two components give such results.

  • What kind of brush does Lashcode have?

A silicone brush of a straight shape has been designed to facilitate the application. Its size, length and the spacing of bristles have been designed to fit every eye shape. The elastic material and special narrowing at both ends of the wand are another positive features.

  • What is the consistency of Lashcode’s formula?

The formula itself strongly facilitates the application of mascara because of its creamy, velvety consistency. It makes it easy to cover each eyelash individually with a strong, black colour. It does not make the lashes clumpy, does not smudge nor brittle.

Nourishing ingredients in Lashcode

The great advantage of this product is what is in the composition of this velvety formula. This is a combination of the best nutrients that strengthen and regenerate the eyelashes also enhancing their growth. Over time, your hairs gain more expressive, healthier appearance.

  • Vitamin E that prevents the lashes from aging.
  • Arginine stimulates the natural growth of eyelashes.
  • Pro-vitamin B5 makes the hairs flexible and beautiful.
  • Soy and wheat germ extracts strengthen the lashes.
  • Bajkal skullcap that protects from UV rays.

Eyelash make-up [tips]

Lashcode is a mascara for demanding women. However, the mascara has no requirements. An ergonomic applicator and the right consistency make the application extremely easy.

Only one coat is enough to achieve a satisfactory effect of full of volume lashes. However, Lashcode can be applied without any restrictions. Don’t worry that the formula will stick your lashes together and spoil the effect. Each subsequent layer of mascara means more expressive lashes, already after the second one your eyelashes are beautifully highlighted. It’s important to apply the formula from the roots and reach even the smallest hairs at the corners of the eyes.

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