Nanolash eyelash serum – How to safely stimulate eyelashes growth?

We lose approximately 2-3 lashes a day, and we do not even notice it. In a month it is a number reaching 100 lashes. This amount is a result of short lifespan of eyelashes, that is up to four months. Is it possible to stimulate lashes growth before they enter the final stage and fall out? Nanolash specialists will prove that it is possible with complex of active substances.

Nanolash is a professional eyelash growth enhancing serum. American specialists developed its formula accordingly to safety regulations with simultaneous maximization of effects. It means that Nanolash conditioner effectively stimulates lashes growth and its effects will hold no matter lifespan of eyelashes. However, manufacturer explains that results depend on precision of application, regularity of use and following the description featured in the flyer attached to every piece of Nanolash.

What differentiate Nanolash is that the product is focused on safety of use. When we visit manufacturers site, there are information in regard to product being clinically tested and assessed by experts and consumers. Nanolash’s formula is a combination of active substances to minimise risk of undesirable side effects. What is more, eyelashes are stronger and grow faster without irritations, allergies, itching, etc. Nanolash does not change the colour of iris or causes eye diseases, what is often presented as a counterargument for use of eyelash serums. Opinions on Nanolash expressly indicate that regular application of the serum on lashes line provides exclusively beneficial effects.

nanolash-eyelash-serumIn the composition of Nanolash is present eyebright extract (Euphrasia Officinalis Extract). This plant is well known for its anti-inflammatory properties employed in curing eye irritations. It brings relief and calm in case of prickling of eye area and reduces symptoms of epiphora. Nanolash eyelash serum also consists of innovative ingredient responsible for lashes growth (Trifluoromethyl Dechloro Ethylprostenolamide), which is mistakenly taken for harmful. In fact, it is absolutely safe, mild and approved for use in cosmetics derivative of Bimatoprost. This substance is not being used in glaucoma medication, because it is an active substance developed especially for Nanolash eyelash serum and other products for stimulation of hair growth.

To answer question about whether Nanolash is safe, you do not have to think of it to much. Nanolash is absolutely safe and its formula is a result of co-operation of best specialists. This eyelash serum effectively strengthens lashes and stimulates their growth. If used correctly, serum does not cause any side effects. Certainly, safe formula is a positive feature of Nanolash that distinguish it against its competition.

How to stimulate eyelashes growth in the most safe and natural way? You just have to buy Nanolash eyelash serum that guarantees surprising effects. The entire treatment with Nanolash takes six months. First two months are directed at intensive stimulation properties. Serum should be applied everyday, after make-up removal. The application itself is very clever. It is because, Nanolash is equipped with thin brush, which makes it easy to apply small amount of conditioner on upper lashes line. One move of applicator is enough, and within minute Nanolash is applied. After finished treatment, Nanolash application should be continued to preserve achieved effects. Then Nanolash is being applied every few days with preservation of manufacturers directions.

19 Comments “Nanolash eyelash serum – How to safely stimulate eyelashes growth?”

  1. Mila

    I have just gave up on eyelash extension once and for all. It damages lashes so badly :/ Now, I am going to treat my lashes with this serum.

    • Justine

      I finished my treatment but I apply it from time to time to maintain the effects. I must say that the serum helped me a lot and I noticed the improvement in a relatively short period of time

  2. Dorothy

    It’s the first time I’m reading about this serum and I got here by lookig for something less expensive than revitalash with the same effectiveness

  3. Lady_Kay

    Castor oil is enough for me to strengthen my lashes. I just have to be careful not to get it into the eye because it could cause allergic reaction

  4. Ronnie93

    A great serum for girls who do not want to apply a few coats of mascara every day. The serum lengthens and thickens lashes that you only need a thin layer of mascara and you’re good to go.

  5. Pamela

    for me this serum is exactly like the high end ones

  6. Meredith

    It’s the third week I am using it and I can already see that my lashes are getting longer, however, I want them to become thicker because they were always very sparse

  7. Ann-Marie

    It’s extremely important to apply those serums to clean eyelids without any traces of eyeliner or mascara. In general, removing makeup not well enough can weaken lashes

  8. Veronica G

    I am still hesitating whether to get eyelash extensions or go for a lash serum. I am kinda scared what my own lashes will look like after removing the extensions but on the other hand, my eyes and the skin around them are rather sensitive and I am worried that the serum will give me allergies. I really want to have long and beautiful lashes!

    • Dakota

      I cannot say much about eyelash extensions because I have never done them (and never will) but when it comes to nanolash, as an allergy sufferer (to everything), I can trully recomend it. Nothin bad happened while using it which is rather surprising because even eyeshadows tend to give me allergies. In general, this serum is really great and gentle and I no longer have to apply mascara on a daily basis

  9. Liv'

    I’ve no idea whethers others are more expensive, I only know the less expensive ones and as far as I am concerned, l4l is pretty good.

    • Marley

      L4L did nothing to my lashes, completely no results.

    • KatyJ

      pretty ok, but when I tried out and compared both of them, I was more satissfied with nanolash. Maybe becasue the effect was more visible and lasted a lot longer

  10. Nagini

    It’s actually not as expensive as you may think especially if you use one packaging for 6 months. It’s a really efficinet cosmetic and I think that it’s worth every money

  11. Adelle

    I can agree that it is a goo serum but I wasn’t as surprised and delighted. I think that all oils in the same price range work similarly.

  12. Caramel lover

    I heard that it’s the same effects as when using castor oil. I am planning to start a treatment with this oil and apply it to my lashes, eyebrows and the hair.

    • Liv'

      It didn’t work that well for me

    • Miranda

      after using castor oil for a few months I noticed no improvement, nothing, zero, no effects at all. It only got a bit darker but maybe it’s becasue my lashes are now more moisturised.

      • Caramel lover

        exactly, I want to see for myself how it works. If there will be no significant changes, I’ll start testing out serums.


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