New moisturising creams Almond Blossom from Korres

Korres lately released three new moisturising creams. Each of the creams is designed for different skin type. Almond Blossom line are products for oily and combination skin, normal and dry skin, and dry and very dry skin.

Korres creams should be applied in the morning and in the evening after face cleanse. With the finger tips we pat in small amount of the cosmetic, but avoid the eye area. All the products from the Almond Blossom line were clinically tested, so they shouldn’t cause skin irritations, acne or blackheads. However, they can sensitise people with very sensitive skin or allergy sufferers – the cosmetics contain many natural ingredients.

What will we find in the Korres creams? In the composition of the Almond Blossom cosmetics we can find: extracts, proteins and oils from sweet almonds, hyaluronic acid, oats extract, Shea butter, the sunflower seeds oil, jojoba oil and olives extract. Because Korres makes only natural cosmetics futile seems to look for unnatural ingredients. That is why in the Almond Blossom creams we won’t find: paraffin wax, silicones, parabens, PEG, retinol or substances of the animal derivatives. Unfortunately, composition of the Almond Blossom products is not 100% ecological. On the label we can read that formula contains alcohol, glycerine, fragrant substances and Xanthan gum. What is sure is that the cosmetics weren’t tested on the animals and are recommended for vegans, but they may contain trace of nuts (very important information for the allergy sufferers).

Almond Blossom line from Korres is great for every skin type care. Cosmetics ensure long lasting moisturising, but also smoother and radiant look. Natural ingredients take care of the right skin nourishing. Choice of the cosmetic should be based on the level of the skin dryness. Dry and very dry skin need deep moisturising, but oily and combination skin need normalisation of the sebaceous glands and limitation of the sebum release. The easiest in maintains seem to be normal and dry skin.

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