Peter Thomas Roth – Effective Products for Problematic Skin

Functioning for over 20 years on world’s cosmetic market Peter Thomas Roth brand is one of the most exclusive cosmetic lines for skin care. It combines tradition and appreciation for old methods in skin care, but also innovative ingredients and modern technologies. What is the characteristic of the brand? What products it offers? Read below.

History of this Hungarian brand reaches 1993 when Peter Thomas Roth decided to found cosmetic company. The inspiration for him supposed to be benefits of soothing and medical treatments performed in SPA that belonged to his family. The goal of Roth was to improve those methods and place them in a good quality packaging. With strong connection to traditional techniques, innovative natural ingredients and use of modern production technologies, he managed to create unbelievably effective cosmetics.

This interest in skin care, bloomed in Peter Roth at the same time when he had to find solution for his own skin problems. His biggest issue was at first acne, but with passing time it was joined by first signs of ageing. Roth decided to find the most effective solution for imperfections and skin problems that are caused by genes, external conditions or age. That is how Peter Thomas Roth cosmetic brand was created.

Characteristic quality of Peter Thomas Roth cosmetics is their highly concentrated active ingredients, that give the best possible results – glowing, radiant, rejuvenated and healthy skin. Brands owner admits that he does not take a shortcut, so all the research and production processes were extremely long, uphill and solid. Roth constantly travels across the world to find another ingredients for his products.

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