L’Integral Anti-Age cream by Sisley

Unfortunately, we date ourselves on our own request. Stress, bad eating habits and lack of sleep make our skin cells undergo irreparableness processes of degeneration. Bondings become flex and the level of collagen decreases dramatically. As a consequence, oval of our face changes dramatically, skin becomes covered with wrinkles and dark spots. As the old proverb has it ‘age is a heavy burden’. And this is true, yet we can delay old age and prolong youth. How to accomplish this seemingly tough task? Sisley brand gives us the answer in a form of anti-age cream – L’Integral.

L’Integral Anti-Age cream by Sisley counteracts behavioural type of ageing, so the one, which is a consequence of our habits and actions. The cosmetic contains a few ingredients that have influence on skin condition and slow down skin ageing processes. These substances are, among others, apple seed extract, white willow extract, Shea butter, glycerine as well as many vitamins and minerals. This caring product is sold in a white, 50-mililitre jar. Owning to light consistency, the application becomes easy and quick. What is more, the formula is fast-absorbing, penetrating into the deepest skin layers, providing regeneration, nourishment and strengthening.

Sisleya L’Integral Anti-Age has to be applied morning and evening on cleansed face and neck skin. Just small amount of the cream has to be patted using round movements, avoiding eye skin area. Only regular application guarantees restoring youthful look, right skin tension and firmness. After a month-long treatment, wrinkles are expected to get shallowed and discolouration’s lightened up. Moreover, skin becomes radiant and regenerated.

If we want to have smooth and young-looking skin, application of creams is not enough. Our day-to-day skin care has to be supported with intake of vitamins and microelements, we need to sleep well, drink at least one litre of still mineral water per day and start exercising. Skin ageing processes can be delayed when we will take care of ourselves from inside and outside.

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