Face contouring with Infallible Sculpt palette from L’Oreal

Face contouring became extremly popular these days among make-up lovers, bloggers and make-up artists. Necessary are professional cosmetics and make-up brushes. And most certainly you will need Infallible Sculpt from L’oreal.

What is face contouring?

Face contouring can be called camouflaging of imperfections with simultaneous showing of what we think is the best about our face. For this job necessary will be cosmetics in different shades and few cosmetic accessories. Best are: concealers or powders and sponges or brushes in various sizes. Basic rule of face contouring is correct application of above-mentioned products. The areas, which you want to hide cover with darker shade of the cosmetic. And those areas, which are your assets cover with brighter shade (maybe one or two tones lighter than skin complexion and foundation/BB cream). For application and blending of products use brushes in sizes determined by make-up artists. Smaller applicators use for skin near nose, chin, eyes and lips. However, bigger brushes will come handy in application of shades on cheeks and forehead. And what type of cosmetics should you use for face contouring?

Infallible Sculpt palette from L’Oreal

L’Oreal created special palette thanks to which face contouring will be easier. Cosmetic has small packaging; unfortunately, neither brush nor mirror was attached to it. Inside you’ll find a picture of how product should be applied. Infallible Sculpt from L’Oreal is available in two shades of beige and brown: Light and Medium – Dark. Colours apply according to above-mentioned rules. However, face contouring method match with the face shape.

Oval face doesn’t need many corrections – among make-up artists is considered the perfect face shape. Round face needs optical slimming down. That is why darker shade apply under the cheek bones and rub it downwards, in the direction of chin. Lighter tone administer right under the inner eye corners, tip of the chin and on the jaw. Slimming down and lengthening is something that every square face needs. To do that distribute darker shade from Infallible Sculpt palette form L’Oreal on cheek bones and rub them towards nose. Light colour apply around the eyes area and in the middle of chin. Long face needs broadening up. So, apply darker colour of the product on the cheek bones and rub them towards the center of the face. Light shade administer on the same areas as in square face.

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