Huge power in a small kernel. Apricot oil: properties, use and reviews

Apricot oil (apricot oil, apricot kernel oil) has a number of health and beauty properties. It is used for colds and flu as well as for arthritis and heart disease. It is valued because of its beneficial effects on the skin, which include moisturizing, nourishing and exfoliating. At the same time, the apricot oil improves the condition of hair – among other things it stimulates its growth, strengthens and increases its shine. What other cosmetic properties does apricot oil have?

INCI apricot oil: Prunus Armeniaca (Apricot) kernel oil

Apricot oil – composition 

Apricot oil comprises vitamins: A, C and E, as well as potassium and fibre. In turn, apricot kernels contain approx. 40-50% apricot oil. Apricot oil has similar properties to peach and almond oils, and its main active ingredients are omega-6 and omega-9 – healthy unsaturated fats.

Apricot oil – properties, use in cosmetics 

Apricot oil is beneficial for the face, body and hair.

Apricot oil for face and body 

Apricot oil provides the skin with deep hydration thanks to its moisturising properties. Due to the content of GLA acid and vitamins A and E, the skin remains firm. Skin exfoliation is possible thanks to the combination of apricot oil and sugar. In addition, apricot oil is absorbed quickly and leaves no film on the skin. It can replace a range of cosmetics: body lotion, soap and shower gel, even lip balm.

Apricot oil for hair 

Apricot oil has a number of properties that improve the condition of hair: it stimulates growth, improves the structure, strengthens it and makes it shiny and soft.

How to apply apricot oil to the hair?

First of all, warm up apricot oil (heating it to too high temperature may result in skin burns and loss of some of its essential properties). Then massage the scalp for about 20 minutes. Leave it overnight and in the morning use a mild shampoo without SLS to wash it out. If you struggle with damaged hair, flaky scalp or dandruff, add a few drops of apricot oil to the shampoo and hair conditioner that you use on a regular basis.

What hair does apricot oil match?

Due to the advantage of oleic acid from the omega-9 group, apricot oil is mainly intended for medium porosity hair. This hair type has a tendency to split and become frizzy under the influence of moisture. In addition, such hair is weakened and falling out, it lacks radiance and flexibility.

Apricot oil – price 

The price of apricot oil is rather low, especially for a cosmetic that offers such a versatile use. Apricot oil can act as a nourishing mask for dry and damaged hair, moisturizing body lotion, bath supplement and many other cosmetics. The price of all these preparations would certainly exceed the cost of apricot oil.

Apricot oil – reviews

Apricot oil gathers positive opinions due to its wide range of application methods, as well as, beneficial effects on health and cosmetic properties. Although some people think that if a product is said to be a remedy for everything, it is useless. However, there is a lot of evidence proving that apricot oil works very well in every area in which it has been used.

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